Intel Flashes Tablet Concept; Plenty More Coming

Image credit: Intel, CnetImage credit: Intel, Cnet

Although it seems like Apple is getting a sizeable lead in the tablet segment for mass market consumers with the iPad, Intel isn't sitting this one out.

At an investor meeting yesterday, Intel VP Mooly Eden said, "People ask me, are you serious about trying to participate in the tablet market? The answer is yes...The message is stay tuned for Computex."

Intel recently announced its Moorestown platform for Atom, which should put the new chip in more devices with smaller power envelopes. Intel touts its Atom as being a more powerful solution that will better deliver what people want – multitasking.

"(People) want it to multitask. So, we deliver dual-core to be able to do several things in parallel," he said, quoted by Cnet. "We believe performance is relevant even in this category (because of the need to multitask)," he added.

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  • house70
    Waiting for some articles regarding specs and such. You know, kinda like the iPad got when it came out. Would only be fair.
  • vaughn2k
    Now more competition! Another reason for Steve knitting his brow...
  • gilbertfh
    I know there are pros and cons to having a full operating system but I really hope they don't gimp this batch of products with a phone type OS like Apple did.