Thermaltake's Core V1 Case is Small but Capable

Thermaltake is showcasing its Core V1 Mini-ITX PC, a case that is quite small yet could house a very decent gaming system.

The case measures 267 x 260 x 316 mm. Inside the case you can fit a horizontally-mounted Mini-ITX motherboard, a graphics card up to 255 mm long (or 285 mm in some cases), along with two 3.5" drives and another two 2.5" drives. All of this can be powered by a standard ATX power supply.

For cooling, Thermaltake has given the case support for up to a 200 mm fan up front for air intake and two 80 mm rear exhaust fans. The front of the chassis also supports both 120 mm and 140 mm radiators, and Thermaltake includes a 200 mm fan standard, which spins at up to 800 RPM.

Then there are the side panels. These are symmetrical, and thus can be swapped interchangeably to suit your needs. The top of the case has an acrylic top window. Front I/O connectivity is provided by two USB 3.0 ports and the standard set of HD audio jacks.

There is no exact word on pricing or availability just yet.

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  • PennyLife
    Good idea and like the overall design, but cable management looks like a nightmare and noise might be a problem if you go for performance parts.
  • jbheller
    I am concerned that the design uses 80mm fans. I thought we had moved on from that. Either they will not blow enough air, or be too noisy when driven at high RPM.I suppose if you use a couple of Noctua NF-R8 PWM 80mm Case Fans you could get some effective, quiet cooling, but these are $20 each. Is there any front air filters?
  • Novuake
    The miniITXs are becoming more and more attractive.

    I just wish that GPUs manufacturers would make more blower designs for their cards, I really do no want that hot air in such a small chassis coupled with 80mm fans.

    Maybe 140mm radiator in from that somehow exhausts air could work.