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Game Benchmarks: Flight Sim And RTS

Updated: AMD 785G: The Venerable 780G, Evolved

Even at the lowest details, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. is a gorgeous game. And judging from the frame rates, all of our contenders can handle 1024x768, while only the GeForce 8200 and Intel G45 are too slow for 1280x1024.

Trying the DirectX 10 version of the same game slows all of these platforms down. The G45 is knocked out entirely and the GeForce 8200 barely hangs in there at 1024x768.

Note that we benchmarked the 785G twice at stock speeds: once at DirectX 10 settings and once with the DirectX 10.1 option enabled. The DirectX 10.1 setting didn't result in increased performance, and in fact dropped FPS by a couple frames.

The 790GX and overclocked 785G excel in this game, even at 1280x1024.

Now for our real-time strategy (RTS) title, World in Conflict. At the low detail setting, all IGPs provide playable performance at 1024x768, although the GeForce 8200 and G45 are touch and go. At 1280x1024, these two contenders are knocked out, while the rest of the options remain playable.

Switching to medium details really slows things down to a crawl. The G45 couldn't run this setting without massive graphical corruption, so we had to give it a zero in this benchmark. None of the other contenders could muster playable FPS numbers.

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