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Results: Grid 2, 2560x1440

Asus Mars 760 Review: Two GPUs In SLI; One $650 Graphics Card

As with BioShock, Grid 2 is a good-looking game that does tend to exacerbate processor and memory bottlenecks, but typically doesn't tax a graphics subsystem very hard. As a result, frame rates in this one tend to be pretty high, even with 8x MSAA and soft ambient occlusion enabled.

Even at the most demanding settings we can muster, a pair of Radeon HD 7950 cards in CrossFire is the only configuration that shows up under 60 FPS. All of the other setups sustain higher minimums and don't even show up when we chart frame rate over time.

The game facilitates low frame time variance numbers across the board, except for a few rare spikes. The Radeon HD 7950s post less attractive results, but aren't problematic.

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