Backup Masters: Three Streamers at 10, 50 and 100 GB

Test Setup

I collected 2.07 GB (2,227,218,801 Bytes) of data for performance testing : 16,004 files in 966 directories. The data consists of 60% program files, 20% MP3 files and 20% graphics files (JPEGs, GIFs and TIFs) of widely differing size.

Please note that the USB streamer will not be compared with the two high-end models, for the simple reason that Seagate’s TapeStor USB is a consumer product, while the others are definitely not meant for the mass market.

Test System
CPU Intel Pentium III, 866 MHz
Motherboard and Graphics Asus CUSL2, i815E Chipset
on-board graphics
RAM and Hard Drives 256 MB SDRAM (Corsair) CL2
IBM DTLA 307030, 30 GB
Quantum Fireball Plus AS, 60 GB
IDE Controller i815 UltraDMA/100 Controller (ICH2)
SCSI Controller Adaptec AIC-7899 Ultra-160 on-board
Network 3COM 905TX PCI 100 Mbit
Operating Systems Windows 2000 Professional 5.00.2195 SP1
Graphics Drivers Intel i815 Reference Drivers 4.3
Storage Drivers IDE : Intel Busmaster DMA Driver 6.03

SCSI : Adaptec Ver. 3.5

DirectX Version 8.0a
Screen Resolution 1024x768, 16 Bit, 85 Hz Refresh

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