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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2014: Our New Enthusiast PC

We run two scripted Photoshop benchmarks: one that is threaded and fully taxes our CPUs, and another that leverages OpenCL acceleration to offload work to our graphics cards.

Since previous tests have shown us that OpenCL-accelerated filters don't leverage multiple GeForce cards in SLI, the single-GPU GeForce GTX 780 Ti takes a clear win. The CPU-dependent results are much closer, however. Four physical cores appear to be a sweet spot, and Hyper-Threading has no impact whatsoever.

CPU and memory performance are the critical variables in the rest of these tests, which do not leverage the heterogeneous nature of OpenCL. The Acrobat benchmark is single-threaded, and like iTunes and LAME, is affected by memory bandwidth. Meanwhile, Premiere Pro sees benefit from the Core i7's Hyper-Threading technology.

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