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Applications: 3DS Max, Cinema4D, Photoshop, AVG, WinRAR

$500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing & Analysis

3D Studio Max is one of the first applications to show the true advantage of quad-core architecture, putting the $500 Gaming PC far behind at both stock and overclocked speeds.

Cinema4D also takes advantage of the former System Builder Marathon configuration’s quad-core technology, brutalizing the $500 Gaming PC.

Photoshop CS3 gets much greater benefit from clock speed than it did from quad-cores, and the $500 gamer slaughters the System Builder Marathon configuration when overclocked.

AVG Antivirus also gets a greater boost from clock speed than from quad cores, in fact it appears to disregard the SBM system’s third and forth core completely. AVG seems optimized for Intel processors.

We see no “Intel Favoritism” from WinRAR, nor any hint of quad-core optimizations. Performance appears to be based on clock speed alone, with the overclocked $500 Gaming PC winning while the same system falls far behind at its stock 1.80 GHz.

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