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Azza Genesis 9000

Best Of The Best, Part 1: Who Makes The Most Elite PC Case?

Part of Azza’s continuous up-market climb, the Genesis 9000 attempts to bring high-end customers the typical selection of upscale features without deviating too far from the traditional full-tower layout. Five of the nine 5.25” bays are filled with hard drive adapter trays, separate brackets add external 3.5” drive support, and the case even includes a pair of side-mounted fans to assist drive cooling and overall ventilation.

“Front-panel” ports, including two USB 2.0, two USB 3.0, eSATA, headphone, and microphone jacks line up across the front edge of the top panel. Power, reset, and fan speed buttons line up behind them. The close proximity can be an issue; during use, I accidently used the power button a couple of times while attempting to alternate fan speeds.

The top panel and a small section of the front panel are secured with extra-long screws. Drive bay covers above this panel unlatch by squeezing the sides.

Around back, we find ten card slots for the XL-ATX-supporting motherboard tray, a handle to aid in motherboard tray removal, an exhaust fan, a pair of coolant line holes for external liquid cooling, and a sheet metal cover over the rear-panel power supply mount.

A power plug socket next to the mount hints at the case’s internal power supply mounting option, while a large rear slot and smaller side slot feed air into a full-length slide-out dust filter.

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