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The Crowning Of A Champion

Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51

In the closest conclusion this series has ever seen, Mozilla is finally able to take the crown, earning its first Web Browser Grand Prix championship with Firefox 7. Although Firefox has two fewer wins than Chrome 14, Mozilla's browser manages to earn three more strong finishes than Chrome, which we consider sealing the deal, if by only a hair.

Enjoy it while you can Firefox fans; Google doesn't like to play second fiddle for very long. In fact, we wouldn't be one bit surprised if a "minor" update that happens to contain a performance game-changer is pushed to Chrome within days (or hours) of this publication.

Chrome 14 obviously places second; no surprise there. The big surprise is our third-place finisher. It's not Internet Explorer 9! Rather, Opera finally breaks out of fourth place and grabs the bronze medal. IE9 simply lost too many times, allowing Opera and its "minor" .01 update to swoop in for the kill.

Alas, Safari places last yet again. Safari for Windows, that is. If Web Browser Grand Prix VI: Firefox 6, Chrome 13, Mac OS X Lion taught us anything, it's that the rules of physics, common sense, and everything else you hold dear don't apply on Apple's own OS X platform. Over there, Safari is still king.

There you have it folks, another Web Browser Grand Prix in the bag. Stay tuned to Tom's Hardware for more. We have a few special twists up our sleeves for Web Browser Grand Prix 8 and beyond.

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