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Benchmark Results: JavaScript, CSS, And DOM

Web Browser Grand Prix 7: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Opera 11.51


SunSpider, the industry staple JavaScript benchmark, is under quarantine due to the allegedly false scores it yields to Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. Until this ugliness gets cleared up, we're adding another version of SunSpider to the WBGP test suite. This new version underwent some modification by Google in order to make the benchmark more "relevant to the Web in 2011."

The scores from both the original Apple SunSpider and Google's modified version are averaged together to achieve a final composite score.

Chrome 14 shows slight improvement over Chrome 13 in the original SunSpider test, though it still places third. Meanwhile, predictably, there is significant improvement in Chrome's score when we run the Google-modified version of the test, giving Chrome the lead in the composite. Firefox 7 also benefits from the modified test, securing second place. Microsoft has the least to gain from Google's version of SunSpider, which puts IE9 squarely in the middle, as opposed to a first-place finish. Opera places fourth and Safari fifth; both receive minor gains over the original Apple version of this benchmark.


Not content to just correct Apple's work, Google also modified Kraken, Mozilla's answer to the original SunSpider test. As with SunSpider, we're combining the two Krakens into a composite score.

Chrome still takes first place in both versions of the Kraken test. Chrome 14 improves the score of Chrome 13, although strangely, the Google-modified test gives Chrome a worse score than the original Mozilla version. Firefox 7 retains second place. However, neither version of Kraken demonstrates Mozilla's new browser gaining ground over Firefox 6. Opera, IE9, and Safari round out the results (respectively), with little or no change between browsers or test versions.

Considering the results of the JavaScript testing, we have to call Chrome the winner, followed by Firefox, and IE9/Opera, while Safari is the clear loser.


Maze Solver

The placing order (Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE9, Firefox) remains the same from what we saw in WBGP6. The only difference here is that Firefox 7 performs worse than Firefox 6 by ten seconds.


Dromaeo DOM

Opera still leads in DOM testing, followed by Firefox, both slightly up from their WBGP6 scores. Version 14 allows Google Chrome to overtake Apple Safari and place third, a massive 500+ run per second gain over Chrome 13. Internet Explorer 9 again places last in this test.


Futuremark Peacekeeper has always been on this page because it is primarily a JavaScript performance benchmark with some DOM tests as well. Peacekeeper also includes HTML5 Canvas tests, though they are not factored into the final score.

As expected, Chrome once again tops the Peacekeeper chart, with arch-rival Opera closely behind. Safari takes third place a good 400 points behind Opera, while IE9 is close behind in fourth. Firefox 7 earns the lowest score, barely over half of what first-place finisher Chrome achieves.

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