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Building In Hades

Roundup: Four Gaming Cases Under $150

The NZXT Hades includes several thumb screws and three additional sets of 3.5” hard drive brackets, in addition to the preinstalled single set of drive brackets. Shoulder screws prevent over-tightening in the rubber grommets, which reduce noise transmission from hard drives to the drive cage.

Though our particular sample arrived slightly twisted, we found that the NZXT Hades' frame was thin to the extent that the weight of a few parts was enough to make it sit flat. Our full-sized components installed easily, though there was a small amount of overlap between the hard drive and video card.

Graphics cards up to 16.65” long can be installed through the drive cage all the way to the front-panel brace, but doing so reduces the number of bays that can hold drives. Only 10.5” exists between the back of a 3.5” hard drive and the case’s slot panel.

The narrow case width and the fact that the side fan is positioned high inside the case prevents the side fan from being used with most tower-style CPU coolers. We had to remove the side fan completely to install our test system components.

Between the side fan and exterior mesh, we found another dust-filtering screen.

With the side fan removed and its mesh cover securely attached with tape, we were ready to test the system.

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