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Benchmark Results: Synthetics And DX11 Tests

GeForce GT 430: The HTPC Crowd Gets Fermi On A Diet

Futuremark’s test suggests that the new GeForce GT 430 performs on par with the Radeon HD 5570 with regard to gaming. If this turns out to be the case, we will be suitably impressed. Of course, for gaming duty, the GDDR5-equipped GeForce GT 240 and Radeon HD 5670 rule the $80 roost.

The Aliens vs Predator benchmark is DirectX 11-exclusive, and very GPU-dependent. Here we see the new GeForce GT 430 keep pace with the Radeon HD 5570. The Radeon HD 5670 runs away with the lead.

DiRT2 also lets us explore DirectX 11 performance, and the GeForce GT 430 once again performs on par with AMD's Radeon HD 5570. The Radeon HD 5670 has no problem maintaining a strong advantage, though.

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