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Benchmark Results: 3DMark 11

Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 3 GB Review: Firing Back With 1024 CUDA Cores

We’ve yet to see Nvidia perform well in 3DMark 11. The company claims that this title doesn’t lean heavily enough on tessellation, which it thinks would improve its standing.

As I’ve said before and will repeat again, 3DMark is a synthetic metric that attempts to factor out the political jockeying that affects the outcome of almost every other game out there. Nvidia believes it emphasizes lighting too much, AMD is under the impression it includes too much tessellation, and Intel is mad that you need DirectX 11 to run it at all.

That’s not to say the GeForce GTX 590 does poorly. It falls in just behind the Radeon HD 6990 at its stock 830 MHz, easily besting the Radeon HD 5970. The end result isn’t bad, but with both AMD’s and Nvidia’s dual-GPU solutions priced identically at $700, the 6990 starts off with an advantage. Now, let’s see if the card is able to hold its lead.

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