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Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 3 GB Review: Firing Back With 1024 CUDA Cores

Benchmark Results: Aliens Vs. Predator (DX11)

When it comes time to pit flagship against flagship, the GeForce GTX 590 gets rocked in Aliens vs. Predator. Both high-end boards deliver more than ample performance at 1680x1050 and 1920x1080. It’s 2560x1600 where you really need one of these cards for high-end frame rates (especially with anti-aliasing turned on). Regardless of the comparison you draw, though, AMD’s Radeon HD 6990 takes a first-place finish in this title. Incidentally, AvP was one of the games AMD's team spent extra time helping optimize for Radeon boards prior to launch.

Stepping down to the fastest single-GPU board puts you under 40 FPS, even without AA, and it’s all downhill from there.