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Test System And Benchmarks

Overclocking Core i7-3770K: Learning To Live With Compromise
By , Achim Roos
LGA 1155 Platform
LGA 1155 Platform
Intel DZ77GA-70K, Chipset: Intel Z77 Express, BIOS: 3254 
LGA 1155 Processors
Intel Core i7-3770K (22 nm, Ivy Bridge, D2), 4C/8T, 3.5 GHz, 4 x 256 KB L2 Cache, 8 MB L3 Cache w/ HD Graphics 4000, 77 W TDP, 3.9 GHz max. Turbo Boost

Intel Core i7-2600K (32 nm, Sandy Bridge, D2), 4C/8T, 3.4 GHz, 4 x 256 KB L2 Cache, 8 MB L3 Cache, w/ HD Graphics 3000, 95 W TDP, 3.8 GHz max. Turbo Boost
2 x 4 GB DDR3-1600, Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX
LGA 2011 Platform
LGA 2011 Platform
Intel DX79SI, Chipset: Intel X79 Express, BIOS: 280B
LGA 2011 Processor
Intel Core i7-3960X (32 nm, Sandy Bridge-E), 6C/12T, 3.3 GHz, 6 x 256 KB L2 Cache, 15 MB L3 Cache, 130 W TDP, 3.9 GHz max. Turbo Boost
4 x 4 GB DDR3-1600, Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX
CPU Cooler
Arctic Cooler Freezer 13
Platform Components
Discrete Graphics
AMD Radeon HD 6850, GPU: Cypress (775 MHz), Graphics RAM: 1024 MB GDDR5 (2000 MHz), Stream Processors: 960
System Drive
Samsung PM810, 256 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s
Power Supply
Seasonic X-760, SS-760KM Aktive PFC F3
System Software & Drivers
Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
Drivers and Settings
AMD Radeon Drivers
AMD Catalyst 12.3 Suite for Windows 7
Intel Chipset Drivers
Chipset Installation Utility Ver.
Intel Rapid StorageVer:

For our test, we tuned each system to the maximum clock frequency it'd support without sacrificing stability. We used a Freezer 13 air cooler from Arctic Cooling. For the sake of a fair comparison, we used DDR3-1600 memory for all systems. While faster RAM could have resulted in a percentage point gain here and there, it does not change the relative performance of overclocked CPUs that much.

Audio Benchmarks and Settings
iTunesVersion:, Audio CD ("Terminator II" SE), 53 min., Convert to AAC audio format
Lame MP3Version 3.98.3, Audio CD "Terminator II SE", 53 min, Convert WAV to MP3 audio format, Command: -b 160 --nores (160 Kb/s)
Video Benchmarks and Settings
HandBrake CLIVersion: 0.9.6, Video: THG Video (1920x1080, 25 frames, Canon EOS 7D) 1 min 23 s, Audio: PCM, 48 000 Hz, Two-Channel, English, to Video: AVC1 Audio1: AC3 Audio2: AAC (High Profile)
MainConcept Reference v2Version:, MPEG-2 to H.264, MainConcept H.264/AVC Codec, 28 sec HDTV 1920x1080 (MPEG-2), Audio: MPEG-2 (44.1 kHz, Two-Channel, 16-bit, 224 Kb/s), Codec: H.264 Pro, Mode: PAL 50i (25 FPS), Profile: H.264 BD HDMV
Application Benchmarks and Settings
7-ZipVersion 9.22, LZMA2, Syntax "a -t7z -r -m0=LZMA2 -mx=5", Benchmark: 2010-THG-Workload
WinRARVersion 4.0, RAR, Syntax "winrar a -r -m3", Benchmark: 2010-THG-Workload
Autodesk 3ds Max 2012Version: 10 x64, Rendering Space Flyby Mentalray (SPECapc_3dsmax9), Frame: 248, Resolution: 1440x1080
BlenderVersion: 2.62, Syntax blender -b Helicopter-2.6.1-toms.blend -f 1, Helicopter-2.6.1 (scene-Helicopter-2.6.1.blend)
Frame: 1, Resolution: 1280x720, Threads: Auto-Detect
Cinebench 11.5Version 11.5 Build CB25720DEMO, CPU Test single- and multi-threaded
Adobe After Effects CS5.5Create Video which includes three Streams, Frames: 210, Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously: on
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5Video length 2 min 21s, Export to H.264 Blu-ray, Source 960x720, Output 1280x720
Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1 (64-Bit)Version: 11, Filtering a 16 MB TIF (15000x7266), Filters: Radial Blur (Amount: 10; Method: zoom; Quality: good) Shape Blur (Radius: 46 px; custom shape: Trademark symbol), Median (Radius: 1px), Polar Coordinates, (Rectangular to Polar)
Adobe Acrobat X ProfessionalVersion: 10.0.0 Pro, == Printing Preferences Menu ==, Default Settings: Standard, == Adobe PDF Security - Edit Menu ==, Encrypt all documents (128-bit RC4), Open Password: 123, Permissions Password: 321
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010Version: 14.0.4734.1000 (32-bit), PPT to PDF, PowerPoint Document (115 Pages), Adobe PDF-Printer
Abbyy FineReaderVersion: 10 Professional Build (, Read PDF save to Doc, Source:Political Economy (J. Broadhurst 1842) 111 Pages
MatlabR2011a, Internal Benchmark: 10 runs
Synthetic Benchmarks and Settings
3DMark 11Version: 1.03
PCMark 7Version:
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