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Intel’s 24-Core, 14-Drive Modular Server Reviewed

The built-in KVM solution is great for two reasons:

  • Prevents blind remote restarts of the servers running on the compute modules, letting you catch errors during the boot process.
  • No need to invest in a remotely accessible KVM solution.

Well thought-out chassis design:

  • For a chassis system that is powering and cooling six individual servers, the MFSYS25 is not that loud. 
  • The efficient cooling infrastructure helps keep the CPUs from overheating.
  • Great design for a small virtualization solution.

The built-in SAN provides flexibility in building RAID groups:

  • The 14 SAS disk drives can be configured in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 1E, 50 and 60.

Easy to manage thanks to the Web-based management console:

  • System administration of the MFSYS25 and its many components is simplified thanks to Intel's Modular Server Control management interface.

Great option for a small virtualization solution:

  • The shared LUN option (although it is not included in the price of the system) provides a great way to set up a cluster of VMware ESX servers, which in turn provides fail-over services and dynamic resource allocation for virtual machines.
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