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SSD, Hard Drive, And Optical Drive

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2011: $2400 Performance PC

System Drive: Crucial m4 128GB SSD

Fellow editor Andrew Ku finally talked me into ditching my striped pair of 64 GB SSDs in favor of a single, faster drive. Crucial’s 128 GB m4 topped the list of somewhat-affordable models based on its excellent performance reputation.

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Storage Drive: Western Digital Caviar Green 1.5 TB

Pining for the days when a 2 TB drive cost only $80, we spent $180 dollars to get a big drop in capacity as an unfortunate result of the recent production issues affecting the mechanical drive industry.

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Anyone who questions the money spent on added storage is probably missing the point that this is not a pure gaming system, but instead a general performance machine that plays games well.

Optical Drive: LG WH12LS38 BD-RE

For a mere $70, LG’s basic BD-RE drive allows users to back up 50 GB of data at 12x speed, though single-layer media still provides the best cost-to-capacity ratio.

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While this drive could also be used to view Blu-ray movies, it doesn’t include the software needed to do so. We’re usually pleasantly surprised to find free software with our bare drives, and would have probably spent an extra $10 on a different model if we knew we weren’t going to get it with this one.

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