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nTune and OverDrive: Overclocking With AMD and Nvidia

Roundup: The Best Overclocking Software

AMD and Nvidia both offer their own overclocking apps as well, called OverDrive and nTune, respectively. They’re less specialized than the utilities from the motherboard manufacturers, though they are limited to certain chipsets rather than specific motherboards.

Nvidia's nTune utility

nTune: For nForce Only

nTune, Nvidia’s app developed in-house, only works with the vendor’s chipsets—at least as far as overclocking the CPU is concerned. It won’t work with the company’s first generation of chipsets or with mobile versions. But if you have an nForce chipset, the program will let you overclock the processor and memory and change their voltages, as well as the chipset voltage.

You can download the latest version of nTune here.

Tips: nTune will run on platforms that don’t use an nForce chipset, but only for graphics card adjustments. You won’t be able to overclock the CPU.

AMD's OverDrive utility

OverDrive: AMD And Overclocking

AMD’s OverDrive is the equivalent of Nvidia’s nTune, an application for monitoring motherboards that use the maker’s CPUs. The program works only with AMD chipsets (7-series) and AMD processors. With it, you can overclock the processor with very granular control. For example, you can select a different frequency for each core of a Phenom. Naturally, memory and HT performance are also adjustable. Voltages are adjustable, too.

The latest version of OverDrive can be found on AMD’s page, here.

Tips: We tested the OverDrive software with a Phenom in one of our articles: AMD 790GX: RV610 For Enthusiasts? The SB750 southbridge’s new options—like ACC—are only available on boards that feature the new piece of I/O logic, though.

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