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Roundup: The Best Overclocking Software

Overclock a Netbook? Yes, It’s Possible

Using the software we’ve discussed, it’s entirely possible to overclock a notebook, even though they rarely have a programmable PLL and their cooling system isn’t really suited to it. Of course, that doesn’t stop specialty shops from building and overclocking desktop replacement machines.

But there is a category of portable PC that has its own specialized overclocking software: netbooks, more specifically EeePCs from Asus.


EeeCTL is a program that can change the processor frequency on models that have a Celeron M processor (factory clock speed of 900 MHz), like the Eee PC 701 and 900, as well as models that use the Atom N270. On the latter, a frequency of 2 GHz (compared the 1.6 GHz factory clock speed) seems within reach. It can also adjust the brightness of the display, the fan rotation speed, and the CPU voltage.

You can find the latest version of EeeCTL right here.