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Roundup: The Best Overclocking Software

ATI Tray Tools And ATITool: Two Different Programs

The next two utilities have very similar names, but are very different: ATI Tray Tools and ATITool. The first is limited to use with AMD cards, while the second (despite what its name might suggest) works both with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.

ATITool: One Application For All Cards

This overclocking program is compatible with all Nvidia and AMD cards, and is interesting for at least one reason: it has a rendered 3D animation that taxes the core of your graphics board and lets you check whether overclocked settings work by looking for artifacts. It also has a function for detecting the maximum frequency a GPU will take, like the Catalyst driver’s Auto-Tune feature.

You can download the latest version of ATITool at

ATI Tray Tools: AMD-Only

This little application sits in your system tray (hence the name) and is dedicated to helping tune AMD (formerly ATI) cards. There’s one small problem with this program: its maximum frequencies detection function is a little too optimistic, which causes crashes. Like certain other applications, it’s also capable of storing profiles that can be loaded to match the program being run, such as a profile for games, another for office applications, and so on.

Ray Adams, the developer of ATI Tray Tools, keeps the utility updated at Guru3D.