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Roundup: The Best Overclocking Software

Memset: For Memory Optimization

The applications we’ve mentioned so far are very good for overclocking a processor and its memory, but are short on possibilities where memory is concerned. Fortunately, there’s Memset, another French-developed program that gives you fine control over memory timings without having to use the BIOS setup utility (incidentally, if you’re using an AMD- or Nvidia-driven board, OverDrive and nTune enable many of these same features.

A Wealth Of Timings

The program lets you change memory timings. Not only the standard CAS and RAS-to-CAS parameters, but also less common ones like Read Delay, Write to Read Command, Read to Precharge, and so on. Be aware that changing timings on the fly is fairly dangerous, though, and that crashes should probably be expected as you tweak your memory subsystem for the best possible performance.

Memset is available for download here.

Tip: Under-clocked memory (DDR2-800 in 667 mode, for example) generally lets you use more aggressive timings, and some programs prefer timings over raw frequency.