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Results: 4 KB Random Performance And Latency

Micron P400m SSD Review: High Endurance MLC Is Here To Stay

The good news is that the P400m slightly exceeds its specification of 54,000 IOPS at a reasonable queue depth. The bad news: it’s consistently lower than Intel's SSD DC S3700. At higher queue depths, the S3700 has a 20,000 IOPS advantage.

The story is the same for random writes. While the P400m easily achieves Micron's specifications, it trails the S3700 at all queue depths. The SSD DC S3700 eventually builds a 5,000 IOPS advantage as queue depths increase.

The story changes when we start looking at latency, though. The P400m actually bests the 200 GB SSD DC S3700 in both latency tests. This is a testament to the work Micron put in to optimizing the P400m's firmware. Considering the maximum latencies we saw from both the RealSSD P300 and P400e, this is a vast improvement.

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