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Logitech Z623

Bringing Home The Bass: 2.1-Channel Speaker Roundup

Logitech was established in 1981 as a PC mouse producer, and has been a staple name in computer peripherals ever since. With the acquisition of Labtec in 2001, the company made huge strides in the PC-speaker market with high-end products like the Z-560. The Logitech Z623 that we’re testing today appears to be the replacement for the well-reviewed Z-2300 that has been available since 2004. This 2.1 system can be purchased for $146.99 at and comes with a two-year warranty.

The plastic finish on Logitech’s premium 2.1-channel product might seem a little lacking compared to the other contenders in our roundup, but the Z623 looks quite good in person, with its matte black finish and silver Logitech and THX logos. Along with the Promedia 2.1, the Z623 is the only other THX-certified speaker system in the roundup. Both of these products also retail for about $100 less compared to the other speakers being reviewed.

Each satellite measures 7.75" x 4.5" x 4.75" and is equipped with a single 2.5” 35 W dome driver with an aluminum phase plug. The subwoofer is the second largest in our test group and has a 7” 130 W pressure driver inside an enclosure that measures 12" x 11" x 10".

This product comes with a 1/8” mini-jack input cable and the requisite getting-started and warranty pamphlets. It’s a Spartan bundle, but you don’t really need anything more, and the relatively low price doesn’t afford any frills.

The subwoofer has an RCA-style input for the left satellite cable, but the right satellite is attached to a cable that looks like a 15-pin serial port. This carries both control input signals and the right speaker output.

For inputs, the Z623s have two 1/8” mini-jacks—one for the subwoofer and the other for the right satellite, plus an RCA stereo input on the sub. The headphone output is in the standard position on the right satellite.

The Logitech Z623 controls offer no surprises, including a power button along with volume and subwoofer level knobs. Happily, the control knobs have a solid, quality feel to them.

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