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CPU Benchmarks: Clock Speeds And Cores

Prototype Performance Analyzed

The previous performance benchmarks have demonstrated a massive CPU dependency with similar peak frame rates across the board, regardless of the resolution. Let's see how the older Core 2 Quad stacks up against the Core i7 in this game:

This is absolutely surprising. The Core i7 CPU is favored, of course, but look at the massive discrepancy between the i7 and the Core 2 Quad. This is very rare in the PC game industry, as usually games are much more graphics-dependent than this, and a Core 2 Quad will deliver frame rates much closer to its i7 successor. Note the clock speed change and subsequent performance penalty. This game will take all of the CPU power it can get.

Once again, Prototype uses all of the platform's resources it can and shows a slight loss in performance with the reduction of each CPU core and its associated cache. When the CPU is reduced from two to one available core, dramatic performance loss occurs.

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