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Silverstone Crown CW03 HTPC Case


The Silverstone CW03 has proven it is a king of the HTPC market, with only a few minor flaws that can either be fixed or worked around. This is a truly professional level case and should be considered for any high-end HTPC.

The Good

  • Great touchscreen LCD display
  • Software works well with touchscreen
  • Professional quality fit and finish
  • Excellent construction makes unit stackable and rackable
  • Stylish enough for high-end home theaters or A/V
  • Supports ATX motherboards
  • Includes solid IR remote and receiver
  • The WOW factor from your guests

The Bad

  • Price
  • Fan noise
  • No PSU
  • Eject button issue
  • USB header issue
  • VGA header instead of DVI for LCD

The Silverstone CW03 is the highest quality case I have seen in a long time. It was extremely easy to install all components, and the quality of the construction is exceptional.

That said, it would be nice if Silverstone could do a few things to make this case even better. They could replace the two fans under the HDD cage with one 120 mm fan; if they could find a way to replace the two rear 80 mm fans with a 92 mm or 120 mm fan, that could also help lower fan noise. They need to fix the optical drive eject button on the case. It would also be best if they would provide a single-headed USB solution to support both the IR unit and LCD display. These are not deal breakers, though, as I was able to work around the last two issues, and by installing fans with speed controls I was able to force them down to a very quiet level without sacrificing performance.

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