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Danger Den Torture Rack

Cage Match: Four Open-Air ATX Chassis

Designed as a true test rack rather than an open-frame case, the $150 Danger Den Torture Rack’s oversized proportions allow it to hold up to eight 120mm fans and/or three double-fan radiators. Additional holes on both side panels even support hose-barb pass-through for two of the company’s Black Ice GTX240 radiators, mounted either horizontally or vertically.

As handy as those cooling features may sound, setting up the Torture Rack isn’t a process for the impatient. Users should set aside around two to three hours to assemble it from flat packaging, since rushing the process could result in scratches.

Dozens of screws must be installed, along with protective rubber feet and a power button. Danger Den uses stainless steel hardware to prevent oxidization and frustrate anyone who might otherwise rely on magnetic screwdrivers.

The Torture Rack holds a single optical drive and two hard drives, suspended from the left side panel. Extra-thick 3/8” acrylic (PMMA, aka Plexiglas) panels prevent movement of these parts, in spite of the somewhat precarious appearance, and anyone interested in old tech will also find a floppy drive mount between the lower hard drive and optical drive.

The first and fourth photos above also show the open-frame motherboard tray, a design that allows full ventilation to the motherboard’s back and also eases installation and removal of CPU cooler support plates.

One of the nice things about clear cases is that few photos are required to completely describe features, such as the single power supply mount that places the top towards the nearby right side panel, allowing bottom intake fans to draw warm air away from hard drives.

An open top and front allow easy access to motherboard connectors, though added fans crowd space around the sides somewhat.

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