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Danger Den Torture Rack 2

Cage Match: Four Open-Air ATX Chassis

Those who believe the original Torture Rack to be a bit on the large side will probably find the $140 Torture Rack 2 to be as svelte as its predecessor is portly. De-emphasizing water cooling and fans allows the Torture Rack 2 to better-serve liquid nitrogen and air-cooling markets with a far more portable unit.

But smaller dimensions don’t translate into less assembly effort, since the Torture Rack 2 has the same number of panels as its big brother. Like its sibling, the smaller unit comes packed flat with a plethora of screws.

The screws pictured above don’t even represent the complete pack, since Danger Den sent one set of panel screws and drive screws to serve both cases. At least we didn’t have to re-use the larger case’s feet and power button. Notice that the Torture Rack 2 also includes a reset button.

Danger Den ditches the floppy drive bay, but still supports two hard drives and a single optical drive in its Torture Rack 2, which, like its larger sibling, is constructed of super-thick 3/8” acrylic.

Large holes in the motherboard tray allow better ventilation under the board, while easing installation and removal of CPU cooler support plates.

Anyone who needs even greater access to the underside of the motherboard socket can switch the power supply and drives to alternate sides, since the Torture Rack 2 has dual power supply mounts. A hole under each power supply location allows bottom-mounted intake fans to draw air from beneath the chassis.

Openings at the motherboard tray’s edge ease cable management.

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