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System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $700 Gaming PC


This system was super-easy to assemble. No jumpers needed adjusting, as the previously mentioned PCIe blocks on the DFI BI P45-T2RS were preconfigured for x8/x8 CrossFire rather than for a single 16-lane link. 

The Antec Two Hundred provided ample space for all our components, and unlike with the Rosewill Wind Ryder used back in September, no HDD bays would need to be sacrificed to fit in the two Radeon graphics cards.

About the only complaint we could make was really of our own doing in choosing a power supply with just two PCIe power leads. Typically, we like to avoid relying on power adapters, but couldn’t afford a power supply with four leads, such as the Corsair CMPSU-750TX. Each power adapter utilizes two Molex connectors, which meant four connectors were needed near the front of the case, while one had to stretch out towards the rear to feed the two exhaust fans. While not a major issue, the resulting cable management was a bit unsightly, and required a few more zip-ties than usual. 

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