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Benchmark Results: Productivity

System Builder Marathon, June 2011: Value Compared

The Adobe Photoshop filters we use to benchmark are well-optimized to use all four cores of the $1000 and $2000 builds. However, they don't appear to benefit from the higher-priced machine’s Hyper-Threading functionality, which creates an additional four logical cores for improved resource utilization.

Contrary to Photoshop, 3ds Max does appear to benefit from Intel's Hyper-Threading technology. The $2000 machine’s reference speed outperforms the $1000 machine’s overclock, in spite of the cheaper system’s higher clock rate.

WinZip appears poorly optimized for four-core processors (in reality, it only utilizes a single core), which is a phenomena that could help explain why 7-Zip and WinRAR have become more popular among performance enthusiasts.

ABBYY FineReader mimics 3ds Max performance, again rewarding a performance lead the $2000 machine’s logical core increase. This isn’t a 1:1 correlation however, since the $500 machine’s two physical cores still score significantly behind the $1000 build’s four physical cores.

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