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VIA's P4X266 Chipset

VIA Teams Up Pentium 4 With DDR-Memory

The picture with the schematics of P4X266 doesn't reveal anything particularly exciting. The new north bridge VT8753 communicates with Pentium 4, the memory, AGP and the south bridge (via V-Link). The south bridge is already known from e.g. the KT266 chipset. It comes with the usual bells and whistles.

Software Optimized For Pentium 4

Right now there's not a whole lot of applications that would make proper use of P4's SSE2-instructions. Windows 2000 can be accelerated using Intel's Application Accelerator (IAA), which mainly improves I/O performance. Windows XP however carries several P4-optimizations. The latest 3D-games are also starting to come with SSE2-enhancements, like e.g. Dronez and Black&White. We can show you two screen shots of the latter to see the difference between the normal and the P4-optimized version.

You can see that the lower of the two screen shots shows the Black&White world in more detail.

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