VIA Teams Up Pentium 4 With DDR-Memory

VIA's P4X266 Chipset

The picture with the schematics of P4X266 doesn't reveal anything particularly exciting. The new north bridge VT8753 communicates with Pentium 4, the memory, AGP and the south bridge (via V-Link). The south bridge is already known from e.g. the KT266 chipset. It comes with the usual bells and whistles.

Software Optimized For Pentium 4

Right now there's not a whole lot of applications that would make proper use of P4's SSE2-instructions. Windows 2000 can be accelerated using Intel's Application Accelerator (IAA), which mainly improves I/O performance. Windows XP however carries several P4-optimizations. The latest 3D-games are also starting to come with SSE2-enhancements, like e.g. Dronez and Black&White. We can show you two screen shots of the latter to see the difference between the normal and the P4-optimized version.

You can see that the lower of the two screen shots shows the Black&White world in more detail.