VIA Teams Up Pentium 4 With DDR-Memory

MPEG4 Encoding With FlasK MPEG And DivX

One of the strengths of Pentium 4 plus i850 and RDRAM is certainly the MPEG4-encoding process. In this benchmark P4X266 is almost 10% behind i850.

SiSoft Sandra STREAM

It is not surprising that i850/RDRAM is able to beat P4X266 in this test, bearing in mind that i850 and its dual-channel RDRAM architecture offers a peak bandwidth of 3,200 MB/s, while P4X266 with PC2100 DDR-SDRAM is only able to go up to 2,166 MB/s. However, it is interesting to see that P4X266 comes closer to its theoretical maximum than i850.