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X58 Platinum SLI BIOS, Software, And Accessories

X58 Roundup: Seven $200-300 Core i7 Boards

The X58 Platinum SLI provides an excellent range of frequency and voltage levels in small increments, allowing overclockers to seek out the highest stable speed of any hardware configuration.

BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)

CPU Reference Clock

133 to 400 MHz (1 MHz)

Clock Multiplier Adjustment


DRAM Ratios

DDR3-800 to DDR3-2133

PCIe Clock

100 to 200 MHz (1 MHz)

CPU Vcore

Stock -0.32 to +0.63 Volts (0.010 Volts)

QPI (CPU Uncore) Voltage

Stock -0.32 to +0.63 Volts (0.010 Volts)

IOH (Northbridge) Core

0.78 to 1.73 Volts (0.010 Volts)

ICH (Southbridge) Core

0.70 to 2.13 Volts (0.010 Volts)

DRAM Voltage

1.20 to 2.77 Volts (0.010 Volts)


tCAS:6-12; tRCD: 3-15; tRP: 3-15; tRAS: 9-31

MSI's Cell Menu provides major clock and voltage controls, with several sub-menus to adjust advanced controls and timings.

The X58 Platinum SLI Advanced DRAM Configuration sub-menu has both basic and advanced controls, with automatic detection available for individual settings.

The X58 Platinum SLI also provides amplitude and skew controls.

Up to four BIOS configurations can be saved to non-volatile memory as user profiles.

MSI M-Flash allows saving or flashing BIOS without the need for bootable media.

The X58 Platinum SLI also includes MSI’s click-to-crash OverclockingCenter and GreenPowerCenter utilities, exactly as described in our Eclipse SLI review. Perhaps users of other hardware will find these utilities useful.



Documentation & Software

Motherboard Facts Sheet


HDD Backup Guide


Motherboard Manual


Quick Installation Guide


Driver CD (Windows Vista)


Driver CD (Windows XP)




4 x Serial ATA Data Cable


2 x 4-pin to SATA Power Adapter


1 x 80-conductor Ultra ATA Cable


1 x Floppy Cable


1 x Quick Connector Kit


2 x CrossFire Bridge


1 x SLI Bridge


1 x USB 2.0 Breakout Plate (2-ports)


1 x I/O Panel Shield

MSI spreads its documentation, drivers and software across many pamphlets and CD’s, most likely to boost the visual impact of its accessory kit. The floppy cable appears to be a thoughtful addition, except that the motherboard doesn’t have a floppy interface.

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