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Gaming - Page 4


From consoles to computers and smartphones, games are more accessible and diverse than ever before. Whether you want to know more about how the latest shooter looks on your hardware or when you can expect the next MMO to launch, Tom's Hardware has your gaming needs covered.

news - JUNE 24 3

You can configure select MSI notebooks via iBUYPOWER.

news - JUNE 23 73

EA CEO Andrew Wilson talks about the Battlefield 4 launch.

news - JUNE 19 4

Here are three new custom gaming mice.

news - JUNE 19 25

You can now get a taste of Battlefield: Hardline.

news - JUNE 17 13

Activision is discussing the possibility.

news - JUNE 17 2

OnLive is now on the Wikipad 7.

news - JUNE 16 17

SteamBoy Machine is working on a portable PC gaming "console."

news - JUNE 16 9

We take a look at four Ubisoft games.

news - JUNE 16 0

We take a look at The Evil Within and Bethesda's upcoming free-to-play game, Battlecry.

news - JUNE 16 10

We checked out three games from Electronic Arts this week at E3 2014.

news - JUNE 16 10

Alienware's Alpha console was on display at E3 2014.

news - JUNE 12 5

We take Alien: Isolation for a spin.

news - JUNE 11 1

Roccat's new Tyon mouse has an analog thumb paddle for improved in-game control.

news - JUNE 11 0

We take 2K Games' Evolve for a brief spin.

news - JUNE 10 16

There's an official FCC filing detailing some of the key bits of the Nvidia Shield 2.

news - JUNE 10 19

Sony's E3 press event was impressive.

news - JUNE 10 14

Everybody wants a piece of the living room pie.

news - JUNE 10 30

Microsoft revealed a lineup of games in a special media briefing.

news - JUNE 7 7

The new Borderlands game will arrive in October.

news - JUNE 6 18

The Xbox 360 controller was the gold standard for PC game pads for years. Now, finally, Microsoft has released PC drivers for the Xbox One

news - JUNE 5 11

AMD has shown off the mobile version of its Kaveri APU, and is looking to give budget mobile gaming a bit of a boost. Tuesday night, AMD announced that it would be bringing its Kaveri APU to mobile.

news - JUNE 5 15

Here's what to expect next week during E3 2014.

news - JUNE 5 15

Mario Kart 8 is breathing new life into the Wii U.

news - JUNE 5 4

This E3 will have plenty of unannounced titles to check out.

news - JUNE 4 24

Crytek peels back the covers on Homefront 2.

news - JUNE 4 12

You can buy a copy of E.T. now that it's been unearthed.