2TB Sabrent Rocket Q M.2 SSD Reaches $199 on Amazon

Rocket Q 2 TB
(Image credit: Sabrent)

If you're looking for more storage with a small form factor, check out this deal on the 2 TB Sabrent Rocket Q internal SDD on Amazon. It uses an M.2 interface and is currently available for a new low price using a $50 coupon at checkout.


Sabrent Rocket Q 2 TB Internal SSD: was $249, now $199 @Amazon
This internal SSD connects using an M.2 PCIe Gen 3 X4 interface. It has read/write speeds as high as 3200/2900 Mbps.

Because this is an SSD, you can expect faster read/write speeds than a traditional hard drive. This model can get as fast as 3200/2900 Mbps and also supports useful commands like TRIM and SMART.

This can be a good deal if you're looking to expand your storage without taking up much space—the Sabrent Rocket Q measures in at just 3.15" x 0.86" x 0.11". This offer extends to the 2 TB model.

If you want to take part in this deal, check out the Sabrent Rocket Q product page on Amazon. Be sure to check the coupon box to apply the $50 discount at checkout.

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