AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series OEM Models Revealed

Back in December, we discussed how the mobile graphics cards were simply a re-branding of its current HD 6000 series. This holds true with AMD's new HD 7000 OEM series graphics cards. The cards are designed specifically for OEM vendors only and are tailored toward the low-end and mid-range market. The OEM series is based on the current VLIW5 design and not the new GCN architecture seen with the Radeon HD 7970.

Looking at the Radeon HD 7670 and HD 7570, they're the same specifications as the Radeon HD 6670 and HD 6570.  The Radeon HD 7470 is the same as the 750 MHz version of the Radeon HD 6450, while the HD 7450 matches the 625 MHz version of the HD 6450. 

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OEM BrandRadeon HD 7670Radeon HD 7570Radeon HD 7470/HD 7450Radeon HD 7350
Production40 nm40 nm40 nm40 nm
Clock Speed800 MHz650 MHz625 to 750 MHz400 to 650 MHz
Shader Units(MADD)96 (5D)96 (5D)32 (5D)32 (5D)
Memory Amount512MB-1GB GDDR5 memoryDDR3 512MB-2GB GDDR5 512MB-1GB512MB-1GB DDR3 / GDDR5Not Listed
Memory Clock1000 MHz900 MHz DDR3 1000 MHz DDR5533-800 MHz DDR3 800-900 MHz GDDR5400 MHz DDR3 Up to 800 MHz GDDR5
Memory Interface128-bit128-bit64-bit64-bit

Read more on the AMD OEM solutions at its product page.

Update 01/06/2012: Yesterday, the crew at AnandTech were on the same page as we were with the re-branding of the Radeon HD 7000 OEM series. Through the OEM site we found, AnandTech did a little more digging around and found the Radeon HD 7350 is not based on the Caicos but the two year old Cedar based HD 5450. In review of the specifications, it was found the HD 7350 doesn't support DisplayPort 1.2, which was a feature introduced with Northern Islands.

  • Target3
  • Borisblade7
    So they are repackaging the old hardware as the new stuff by just changing the numbers so they can pretend its something new? I know this is done alot, but still thats really dirty and dishonest.
  • mikenygmail
    Nvidia has been doing this for many years.

    In the beginning, Nvidia created the GeForce 8800 GT, and we were happy.
    Then, we then got a faster version: the 8800 GTS 512MB. It was more expensive, but we were still happy. And then it got complicated - The original 8800 GT, well, it became the 9800 GT. Then they overclocked the 8800 GTS and it turned into the 9800 GTX. Now this made sense, but only if you ignored the whole "this was an 8800 GT to begin with!" thing.
  • mikenygmail
    The trip gets a little more trippy when you look at what happened on the eve of the Radeon HD 4850 launch. NVIDIA introduced a slightly faster version of the 9800 GTX called the 9800 GTX+. Note that this was the smallest name change in the timeline up to this point, but it was the biggest design change; this mild overclock was enabled by a die shrink to 55nm.

    All of that brings us to where NVIDIA is taking the 9800 GTX+ and calling it a GeForce GTS 250...

    This goes on and on...
  • sseyler
    It's really too bad that they didn't take advantage of their 28nm fabrication at the very least. I guess they need to ramp up supply for their parts that are actually new.
  • damn, I gotta say, it's a dick-move. all the cards from 7350 to 7670 are the very same HD6000 cards, only the first digit is now "7" instead of "6". they should've only made 3 cards this time: 7700, 7800, 7900 and that's it
  • SteelCity1981
    So basicly AMD is pulling an Nvidia. lol the only true new models you will get from AMD and Nvidia are the mid to highend models.
  • iam2thecrowe
    Borisblade7So they are repackaging the old hardware as the new stuff by just changing the numbers so they can pretend its something new? I know this is done alot, but still thats really dirty and has a different bios, thats something possibly even has a slightly different pcb, different stepping chips, support different hdmi/display port standards. Just because it has the same core GPU doesnt make it exactly the same.
  • eklipz330
    name change and slight price increase i bet. dick move AMD.
  • Borisblade7
    luckily this is mostly the junk you get when you buy those name brand premade systems at retail. Most people who get those are stupid anyway and wouldnt know the the difference. So putting a 7 a 6 or even the letter Q in front wont matter, they are clueless anyway. At most they see the number in the store and think they are getting the newer stuff when compared to another identical system that has the 6 in front when really they arent. But they also dont know if its the newest chip from a pocket watch or a supercomputer either. In the end, you screw over the retarded, the rest of us in the minority are fine.