AMD "Trinity" APU Models Release Schedule Details Leaked

Based on leaked slides coming from Turkish website DonanimHaber, AMD will launch its next-generation accelerated processing unit, codenamed Trinity, in second quarter 2012. The Trinity will start with its quad-core A10 and A8 processors in the second quarter then followed by dual-core A6 and A4 processors in the third-quarter of 2012.

Image Leaked by DonanimHaber

The A10 lineup consists of quad-core APUs that come with Radeon HD 7660D graphics. The A10-5800K has four "Piledriver" architecture cores, clock speeds of 3.80 GHz (4.20 GHz Turbo Core), 4 MB L2 cache, DDR3 1866 support and 100W TDP.  Next in line is the non-Black Edition A10-5700, which has a base clock clocked at 3.40 GHz (4.00 GHz Turbo Core) with a 65W TDP. The HD 7660D has 384 Graphics CoreNext stream processors.

The A8 lineup consist of quad-core APUs that come with a Radeon HD 7560D graphics. The A8-5600K has clock speeds of 3.60 GHz (3.90 Turbo Core), 4 MB L2 cache, DDR3 1866 support and 100W TDP. The A8-5500 has a base clock clocked at 3.240 GHz (3.70 GHz Turbo Core) with a 65W TDP. The HD 7560D has 256 Graphics CoreNext stream processors.

The A6/A4 lineups consist of dual-core APUs that come with a Radeon HD 7540D/HD 7480D graphics. The A6-5400K will have an unlocked multiplier (clock speeds not currently listed), 1 MB L2 cache, DDR3 1866 support, 65W TDP and HD 7540D graphics. The HD 7540D has 192 Graphics CoreNext stream processors. The lowest priced A4-5300 will support 1 MB L2 cache, DDR3 1866 support, 65W TDP and HD 7480D graphics (clock speeds not currently listed). The HD 7480D has 128 Graphics CoreNext stream processors. The HD 7480D will lack dual-graphics support, which would allow users to pair an APU graphics processor with a compatible discrete GPU to make the two work together.

Image Leaked by DonanimHaber

Please keep in mind, of course, that these specifications are from a leaked source to DonanimHaber. We won't know for sure until AMD shares official information. Stay tuned!

  • stuartl
    I can't wait for this, it will DESTROY wimpy ivy bridge!
  • alterecho
    I can't wait for this, it will DESTROY wimpy ivy bridge!

    One of the most optimistic statements of this year!
  • SteelCity1981
    Pretty impressive. Def see a perfomance boost over Llano.
  • ajrm
    Hopefully nor another overhyped underacheiving line up... I want to buy something AMD ... but there is nothing out there worth buying from these guys..E350 is probably the only AMD setup that trounces something from Intel.
  • vaughn2k
    If the A10 line-up really has the 7660D, and this performs on par with HD6750/HD5750, this would be an awesome-enough-for-casual gaming platform PC... Should wait for the bench soon...
  • billybobser
    The name will be misleading, like the mobile moniker for their gfx cards.

    a 6990m will not resemble anything near a 6990 for example.

    I wouldn't like to guess what's coming from AMD, it's been a mixed bag which has been generally disappointing.

    Though I would love a graphically capable Llano, as it should be the future if done right.

    (graphics core to boost performance where consumers want it, games and video playback, and cutting down on space requirements/power requirements)

    I don't hold much hope for anything AMD though.
  • salgado18
    I was expecting them to release at least a six-core trinity APU, with the A10 name. After all, if they mean to compete with Intel on APUs, the other guys have bad GPU paired with an i5. Maybe the TDP would be too high, but I think it would reach something like 125W, which is acceptable.

    Oh, well, let Piledriver come before making judgements...
  • halls
    Bummed to see AMD drop out of the enthusiast desktop race with Intel, but I have to admit it looks like they made a good decision. If those APUs have as much video processing power as it looks like they do it could be an amazing budget choice.
  • goodsyntax
    Quad-core 3.8GHz/4.2Ghz Turbo looks nice, especially paired with 7660 graphics.

    I will have to wait and see if the graphics are as nice as the model number implies, especially considering that they are way too optimistic with their labeling (I doubt the integrated 7660 would be as nice as a 6950, which by the way is still about $250 for a discrete card). We will have to find out what type of hardware acceleration is included with the APU. At a minimum, I have to assume that better hardware support for transcoding is included. There is simply no reason why Intel's Quick Sync is faster than AMD's solution.

    I had hoped that the TDP would be a little lower as well, 100W, though nice, should be more like 85W or even 65W like the A10-5700. I suppose that the graphics component adds to the bottom line, but with the advances in power management and core deactivation, I had hoped for a little bit better.

    Time will tell if the revised Piledriver is better than Bulldozer (which is a disappointment to say the least). If the hype is to believed and the graphics performance is on par with a 6950, then methinks that AMD has a winner here. Price may very well determine whether this revised lineup will be a success, or a flop.

    Here's hoping for an AMD comeback, so we aren't held captive by Intel in the upper-midrange market. I've been putting off purchasing a new rig because the total cost to move to an Intel 2500K /2600K (including processor, motherboard and a graphics card to replace the pathetic integrated HD graphics) is too much to bear, especially for an AMD fanboi like myself.
  • Super_Nova
    This looks quite promesing. I might not get one for a gaming rig but I will defitily get one for a nice SFF HTPC build.