Get a Key to All Points Bulletin Beta is currently holding an awesome promo that provides beta keys to registered users. Whether you're new to the Curse scene or an existing user, a key will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis (assuming that there's not an infinite number of keys). Once the key is obtained, it is stored in the profile for later use.

This week's beta is EA's upcoming PC game, All Points Bulletin (APB), a fast-paced third-person action game in a persistent online multiplayer world. The game features two sides, the Enforcers and the Criminals, and takes place in a modern-day fictional city called San Paro. APB uses Epic's Unreal Engine 3, and was designed by David Jones, creator of the original Grand Theft Auto. The game is also slated to be the first MMOG where the player's skill determines the player's progression.

Beta keys offered by are for both the North American and European versions. Participants will need to head over to the official APB website to download the correct beta installer: keys starting with NA are for North American gamers, and the EU keys for European gamers. The installer itself weighs at a meager 69.1 MB, however the beta requires a larger 8.6 GB of HHD space.

Here are a few key features:

  • Earn money, clothing, weapons, and cars as you play.
  • Customize your character to achieve a unique look.
  • Master the radically different styles of gameplay; Criminal and Enforcer.
  • Gain real-life celebrity through in-game displays of your characters and designs.
  • Become known as San Paro’s premier car thief, clothing designer, "death theme" musician, or assassin.

North Amercan Sign-up Page

European Sign-up Page

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  • ashkaji
    So its like GTA but online multiplayer? Sounds Awesome! :]
  • bebangs
    Sounds a lot like enhanced counterstrike and gunz online combine.

    I went to APB website, it says beta keys for 5hrs worth of playtime to a city for registered users. need more info.
  • Anonymous
    well it's not that good game, cause I've been testing it for 3 months