AU Optronics Announces Two New Displays

With Computex just finished, a lot of us were still trying to catch our breath. However, that didn’t stop Display Taiwan from going ahead this week.

AU Optronics is one of the main manufacturers of computer and TV display panels and this year, the company presented two interesting new panels that we will no doubt see very soon in desktop and notebook displays.

The first is a 1080p Full HD 16:9 panel, measuring 21.5-inches. Being Full HD, the resolution is of course, 1920x1080 pixels. Despite the fact that it’s on the fastest display available these days, with a claimed response time of 5ms it would offer a pretty decent gaming experience and would be a suitable choice for most gamers. AUO also claims a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a wide viewing angle, which we can confirm as the display also looked great when we looked at it from an extreme angle.

AUO also showed us what it claims as the thinnest notebook panel in the world, which measured in at only 1.9 mm thick. The 13.3-inch panel uses white LEDs for backlighting and delivers 300 nits of brightness, contrast ratio of 500:1 and weighs just 138g. The quality of the panel was more than decent and given the amount of subnotebooks and ultraportable PCs being released, this panel could pave the way for a lot of companies to release their own versions of the MacBook Air or Lenovo X300.