Analog Display Technologies Being Phased Out

Intel today said that it will work with AMD, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and LG to completely phase out analog display technologies and transition the industry to digital interfaces such as HDMI as well as DisplayPort. It is about time, given the confusion of HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI and VGA that seem to be meeting on PCs that are being upgraded with new displays and/or graphics cards these days.

However, the transition will take some time and is not going to take place over night. Intel said that it plans on dropping VGA support in its platforms by 2015 and LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling technology) by 2013. AMD will be begin removing LVDS and VGA support in 2013 as well and expects to be VGA-free in 2015. VGA has been around for more than 20 years.    

The transition may take even longer for displays, as Intel noted that VGA ports will remain on back panels of monitors well beyond 2015. "Modern digital display interfaces like DisplayPort and HDMI enhance the consumer visual PC experience by immersing them with higher resolutions and deeper colors - all at lower power - to enhance battery life for laptops," said Eric Mentzer, Intel’s vice president of Strategy, Planning and Operations for the Visual and Parallel Computing Group. AMD's Eric Demers noted that the company believes DisplayPort 1.2 is the future for computer displays, while HDMI 1.4a and beyond will be focused on TV connectivity.

The VGA connector was originally designed by IBM in 1987. The standard supports display resolutions ranging from 640 x 400 pixels to 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Source: Intel

  • plznote
    Did I read that right?
    Intel working with AMD?
  • Parsian
    no!!!! yes!!!

    they should channel the analogy through DVI port or HDMI port, this way you can use analog through an adopter.

    Oh well, the only think i have anology is my Projector and its barely used, dont want to give it away for cheap sigh
  • teflon2287
    What is the advantage of DisplayPort over DVI anyway?
    They need to just phase out everything BUT HDMI. If they end support in 2015, devices will still be around for another 10 years (at least). Wish they'd start sooner.

    It's just as well. They need to focus on making HD technology more consistent. At least with analog, the picture just becomes more fuzzy instead of completely dropping out for a second or two with digital.
  • winner4455
    Time for bigger and better things.
  • wintermint
    plznoteDid I read that right?Intel working with AMD?
    It's not uncommon for rival companies to work together if it will benefit them both.. o.o
  • dogman_1234
    Yes...Intel and AMD! Two great American companies, one purpose...innovation.
  • mister g
    Aroud the same time that VGA support ends I expect to hear news that the mercury from the lamps of CRTs(and some old flat panels) to have poisoned some water supply somewhere in the world because of unsrupulous "recyclers".
  • FloKid
    That will make Nintendo switch to hd...
  • lashabane
    plznoteDid I read that right?Intel working with AMD?Yeah, it's getting chilly in here.