Apple: A PC is No Bargain!

Apple this week contested Microsoft’s recent (and pretty valid) statements that PCs are cheaper.

Over the last few weeks Microsoft has been making headlines all over the net regarding the company’s latest advertising endeavors in its Laptop Hunters series. Microsoft’s main point: PCs are cheaper than Macs. This week, Apple says otherwise.

While perusing the web we came across your typical Mac vs PC story on BusinessWeek. Something about what you’re not getting for your $699 when you buy a PC. Basically, sure $699 for a HP is better than $2,800 for a Mac but what about the money you’ll spend on all the extras for your HP? Setting aside hardware differences between the two (like screen quality and battery life) PC users will spend extra on software like decent virus protection and iLife, which endeavors to take care of all your photo and video-editing needs. Then you’ve got the fact that a GeekSqaud diagnosis is $129 versus the free Genius Bar diagnosis at Apple stores. Arik Hesseldahl’s point is, replicating what you get with a Mac will cost you in the end. Buried in the conclusion of this article is a quote from Apple.

Up until now the Cupertino-based company had been fairly quiet with regards to the MS ads. Apple threw the first snowball with the Mac vs PC ads featuring Justin Long and John Hodgman. Now that Microsoft had taken the bait and retaliated with its own “I’m a PC” themed campaign, the company was off doing other, more important things than playing I-am-rubber-you-are-glue with rivals. Apple broke its silence this week and what its spokesperson chose to say was really stupid and only served to reinforce the common belief that Macs are all about aesthetics. Way to go Apple.

"A PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want," Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Arik Hesseldahl. Then, ruining this collected, matter of fact comment, he goes on to add just a smidge of pompous, self-importance, "The one thing that both Apple and Microsoft can agree on is that everyone thinks the Mac is cool. With its great designs and advanced software, nothing matches it at any price." So close, yet so far.

Microsoft declined to comment on the issue of users paying more in the long run for all the extras they’ll need for their machine. Maybe in Laptop Hunters Episode IV.

  • If you know what your doing, you shouldnt need to spend a dime on anti-virus software or any "geek squad" sinkhole..
  • jecht
    Yeah, everyone will think you're cool for spending way too much money on a computer.
  • keither5150

    All of my photo and video editing needs are met with free programs that come with Vista home premium. I have been using AVG free edition virus protection for the past 7 years without incident. In fact all 71 PC's that I take care of at work use AVG free edition as well. I don't put anything on the Macs at work.

    Microsoft's reply should be laughter.

  • simplyderp
    Macs and pre-built computers suck equally.
  • sot010174
    Avira antivir is a great Free product.
    Picasa will work as ILife does.
    Zonealarm is a great firewall.

    Cmon ppl continue adding softwares to this list.
  • jsloan
    there are free antivirus software, avg, when you buy a pc from dell you normally get 1+ year of norton. most isp give customer free pc internet security suite. sure apple has ilife, iwork, act, but there are simular products for pc. even free ones like open office, sure it sucks, but hey what do you want for free. it's understandable that microsoft needs to do a better job. spend some of its money and create better software and sure iwork and ilife are inexpensive when compared to office, but hey you already paid through the nose for an apple, so they give you a break on some of their software, but the aperture, final cut, logic studio, ect start to become expensive...
  • jsloan
    simplyderpMacs and pre-built computers suck equally.
    yeap, i like to build my own pc, i pick all the parts i want, sure it takes a little bit of work, but i end up with a daemon of a machine for a lot less money.
  • MafiaAce
    Hasn't apple ever heard of open source software?

    Oh wait, they love to stomp on that stuff...
    Everything I need to do on a PC can be accomplished with free, effective software which is updated constantly by a dedicated community of users.
  • mkb5150
    So the MAXIMUM you can spend on a PC might come close to what you have to pay for a Mac, but how many PC users really end up having to pay anywhere near that much? Most people I know don't go to Geek Squad once a month, buy overpriced software, etc. With a PC, it's your choice if you want to spend that much. With a Mac, you have no choice.
  • The Schnoz
    They're barking up the wrong tree here. I build my own PC's, but when I buy a laptop I format it anyway. I don't want the free shit that comes with them, yet alone with a Mac. The reason I choose PC is because I feel I have more freedom to choose between competing products. If I want a certain computer part, Windows accepts it, if I want a certain peice of software, it's made for Windows. If I want to play video games, watch Blu-ray, use a specific motherboard, videocard, memory, AMD products, Wireless adapter, router, memory card reader, etc. etc. etc. WINDOWS. WINDOWS. WINDOWS.