Fractal Design Shows Off New Arc Midi R2 Case

Fractal Design has announced a new addition to its Arc family of PC cases, the Arc Midi R2. Designed for high performance builds, the Midi R2 features three Silent Series R2 fans, airflow maximization, and can house the bulkiest of radiators.


Measuring 230 x 460 x 515mm (WxHxD), the case is compatible with ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX motherboards, ATX PSUs up to 170 mm deep when using the bottom fan location (when not using this fan location longer PSUs - up to 270 mm deep - can be used), and CPU coolers up to 180mm in height. As far as graphics cards are concerned, the Midi R2 supports cards up to 290mm in length with the top HDD cage installed (with the top cage removed, there's room for graphics cards up to 430mm in length).


The case features 2 x 5.25-inch bays, 8 x 3.5-inch HDD trays, 2 x additional 2.5-inch SSD positions behind the motherboard plate, 7 + 1 expansion slots, 7 x fan positions, filtered fan slots in the front, top and bottom, 26 mm of space for cable routing behind the motherboard plate, and thick rubber grommets on all holes on the motherboard plate.

The entire package weighs in at 12kg or just over 26lbs. Pricing is set at $109.95. The Arc Midi R2 is scheduled for Release in March of this year.

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  • anxiousinfusion
    That open-mesh top better have dust filters!
  • danny2000
    Boring. This looks like something that you would hide; nothing that makes you say "cool!!!".
  • deuketc
    Really like this case. simple, sleek. Not too keen on cases that have a lot of plastic gimmick crap all over it. good blank canvas for a compact water cooled build
  • memadmax
    My new "case" is an aquarium...

    Yea, I'm going the mineral oil pc route...

    Youtube it...
  • phamhlam
    Fractal Design makes beautiful and quiet case. I just hated moving it so bad since the final weight with everything installed can be 40lbs.
  • noobzilla771
    Simple and elegant. About time they release the windowed version (not a fan of side fans).
  • spartanmk2
    memadmaxMy new "case" is an aquarium...Yea, I'm going the mineral oil pc route...Youtube it...
    Dont forget the bubbles
  • anonymous_user
    noobzilla771Simple and elegant. About time they release the windowed version (not a fan of side fans).I was just about to say the opposite. Although the previous Arc Midi does have the space for a side fan, it would be nice if one was included by default.
  • redeemer
    wow lots of bays!
  • internetlad
    anxiousinfusionThat open-mesh top better have dust filters!
    Actually, it comes covered with a foam inlay. You can remove it to add fans, but I don't think it has dust filters unless you get them with the fan.

    at least, THat's how it is on my R3. I don't know why they would change the game though.