Asus Launching ''Smartbook'' in Q1 2010

Friday China Times reported that Asus plans to launch a Snapdragon-based smartbook sometime during Q1 2010. Asus CEO Jerry Shen made the announcement last week during an investor conference held in Taipei, revealing that the upcoming device will likely cost consumers around $184 USD. The company is hoping that the smartbook will define the category much like its previous Eee PC netbook kickstarted the current netbook frenzy.

The revelation is something of a 180 turn for Shen and Asus, as he made it clear earlier this year that there was no market for smartbooks. In fact, he said that the company had no (then) immediate plans to launch a device of that caliber. Obviously, that outlook has changed since then, and Asus is now looking to dominate a new frontier with its "secret weapon."

According to Shanzai, Shen said at the conference that Asus's cost competitiveness, speed, and innovation will be what propels the company in the forefront of the smartbook business. Currently the research and development team is busy innovating tablet-style products, smartbooks, and eBooks for the next six months in order to provide devices for Computex and CeBIT events.

As for the upcoming smartbook, Asus has not released its technical details, so hang tight until something official comes along.

  • jkcajkca
    Whats a "smartbook"? whats the difference between a netbook??
  • jhansonxi
    Lower performance CPU. Higher power efficiency. They're designed for web browsing and email over wireless (802.11 WiFi, 3G, maybe WiMax).
  • aracheb
    zingamA netbook is a device you use when you go to the toilet at you home to do Number Two.A smartbook will be a device that you could use in any toilet everywhere around the world regardless what you are about to do Number Two or just Number One.



    so smartbooks are more compatible..?
  • pug_s
    According to this website:

    They are going to make a device based on a 1ghz ARM based snapdragon processor with android OS. Personally, I don't think it will work because it is too big and for $50 more, you can get an low end netbook. I would rather see a device that is smaller with a form factor twice as thick as an ipod touch with a thumbpad.
  • jgiron
    Whats a "smartbook"? whats the difference between a netbook??
    A smartbook is a book that can read.
  • SamuelL421
    Agghh, so let me get this straight, in the hierarchy of quality...

    It goes desktop, DTR, notebook/laptop, tablet pc, net-top, netbook, and now smartbook...

    Technology is moving backwards people! What's next? Maybe a "smart-top" - I'm assuming it would just a paperweight or a rock.
  • A few years ago, someone said "I know, let's build a small, low-cost, modest performance notebook with good wifi connectivity and long battery life. We'll call it a netbook because it's great for surfing the net whilst on the move". And so the netbook was born, and it was a runaway success. But after a while people weren't happy with the small keyboards and displays and the performance was disappointing, so each new generation came out with bigger screens, faster processors, better graphics...
    ... and higher prices.
    So then someone said "I know, let's build a small, low-cost, modest performance notebook with good wifi connectivity and long battery life. We'll call it a smartbook because it's such a smart idea I don't know why no-one thought of it before!"