Thermaltake Reveals Level 10 GT Chassis

Last week during CES 2011, Thermaltake announced an updated version of its Level 10 chassis, an impressive if not futuristic-looking beast designed by Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA back in 2009. The new Level 10 GT model is a bit more streamlined than the original, measuring 23 x 11.1 x 23.2-inches.

"The design language of the Level 10 GT expresses a passion for visual aesthetics deriving from demanding and immersive game play and multimedia entertainment enthusiasm," the company said. "Modern games and entertainment applications also require highly advanced hardware configurations, which at the same time request more space and optimized ventilation than conventional hardware."

The full tower chassis weighs around 28 pounds and supports motherboards up to eATX. It also provides room for four 5.25-inch drives, five internal hot-swappable 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives, and an external 2.5-inch drive. There's a 360-mm limit for VGA cards, a 190-mm height limit for the CPU cooler, and support for 1/2-inch, 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch water tubes. There's even room for a top-mounted radiator.

On the cooling front, the Level 10 GT's LED ColorShift system has a 200-mm front intake, a 200-mm top exhaust fan and a 200-mm side fan. Other features include a 140-mm rear Turbo exhaust, a windowed side panel, an all-black exterior and interior, and a top-mounted I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port and one HD Audio port.

"Right from the beginning of the year 2011 Thermaltake is once again driving inspiration, by introducing a full tower chassis that blends legendary iconic form with convenient function, resulting in an overall perfect user experience," the company said.

Thermaltake did not provide pricing or availability, so stay tuned.

  • jaywed
  • christop
    Cool case. I bet the price is on the high side..
  • g00fysmiley
    considering the current lvl 10 is 800 (but $3 shipping so what a deal >_< ) i can only imagine what the next iteration will cost
  • psg1john
    That one heavy case, but cool looking, i wouldn't buy it cost to much in my book
  • treefrog07
    28 pounds before installing components and no airflow across the HDDs. I'm sure some will like this chassis; I'll pass.
  • fatkid35
    corsair obsidian > thermaltake level 10gt
  • rohitbaran
    So, they add a bunch of lights and fans and call it a GT. Wow!
  • douglaskuntz
    I'll stick to my chenbro 10769.. with the option to add REAL hotswap drives.. with backplane... It may not be pretty, but it has good airflow (120mm rear, 1 120mm behind each 4 drive bay, optional 92mm in the front of the drive bays, if you dont use the hotswap bays)
  • sagansrun
    No thanks, Im still using my Lian-Li PC-70 server case from around 2002. But its housing an X-58 ASUS setup now. I'll only change cases if the MB manufactures change their format. Until then my PC-70 stays for the next gen of chipsets and video cards.
  • People, please check the facts before posting. After reading through the article, I headed over to their website and on there they have a link to the CES 2011 update page. You can clearly see many features, and improvements over the Level 10 or any other cases for that matter. If you read some CES 2011 coverage articles, you'll easily see the facts as well. Some things I noticed that contradicts with above comment:

    - The hot-swappable hard drive bays all HAVE backplanes. These are REAL hot-swap drive bays.
    - 28 pounds? HAF 932 is 29 lbs, Obsidian is a whopping 35 lbs. Weight is relative to what type of case you are looking for.
    - Obsidian is better than Level 10 GT? Pound for pound, the GT has all and offers additional features.
    *Hinged door design instead of traditional side panel design.
    *3 x 200mm fans plus 1 x 140mm fan on Level 10 GT v.s. 3 x 140mm fans.
    *Better cable management? Can't say, need to see it in person.
    *Price is announced to be $269. Reasonable for a high-end case.