Dell Announces New Inspiron Laptops

During CES 2013, Dell announced new models of its Inspiron and Inspiron Rs laptops, codenamed "Oak".

The new 14, 15 (pictured) and 17-inch Inspiron and Inspiron Rs all boast a thinner and lighter build. The Inspiron 14R is 0.98 inches thin and 4.3 pounds, while its predecessor, the Inspiron 14R, is 1.0 inches thin and 4.4 pounds.

The Inspiron 17 and 17R are 1.4 inches thick and 6.0 pounds. Naturally, adding touch components will inevitably contribute towards added thickness and weight.

Several configurations are available on all model sizes. Starting from Intel Celeron 887 up to an Intel Core i7-3517U. Graphically, meanwhile, the models will include the Nvidia GeForce GT640M LE for the 14-inch, while AMD graphics up to an AMD Radeon HD8730 apply to the 15 and 17-inch slate.

Both Inspiron series sport optional touch, as well as updated 720p webcams. They also include the more traditional features such as DVD drives and hard drives starting at 320 GB up to 1 TB.

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  • jojesa
  • crabdog
    With the current prices and increasing capacities of usb flash drives I would prefer to see the optical drive dropped to make more room for better battery, improved graphics or better cooling. I own a N5110 Inspiron and the palmrest gets incredibly hot while gaming, almost hot enough to burn my hand.
  • walterm
    The tech, driven by the desire for smaller and lighter, is unlikely to go to more battery weight.
    Haswell may promise some relief.