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Dell's 27-Inch LCD Does 2560 x 1440 But No LEDs

Looking for a new LCD screen with a high resolution but without the space-eating size of a large display? Meet Dell's UltraSharp U2711 (opens in new tab), a 27-inch monitor slapped with a modest $1,099.00 pricetag and a tasty 2560 x 1440 (WQHD) native resolution (60 Hz). This LCD should be ideal for PC gamers HD video enthusiasts alike. Although at that pixel density, we suspect graphic designers and photographers will find the new panel a joy to work with.

Despite its high density resolution, the U2711 uses passes over LEDs, and instead is backlit by a cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL). The monitor offers a 16:9 aspect ratio, a maximum dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000:1, and a response time of 6ms. For gamers and designers, Dell has thrown in Custom Color modes that enables the screen to cover a wide, "outstanding" color gamut.

Dell's U2711 also comes packed with a USB 2.0 hub (1 upstream, 4 downstream) and plenty of connectivity: HDMI 1.3, DisplayPort, DVI-D with HDCP, and more. There's also a 8 in 1 media reader so you can view photos straight off an SD card.

Dell offers a variety of monitor accessories, cables, and warranties that will jack the price up a considerable amount.

  • Zoonie
    The amount of grammatical errors made me dizzy.
    Nice product nevertheless; will look forward to its release.
  • amdchuck
    Stupid contrast ratio's....why even post them, they don't mean squat.
  • griffed88
    a modest $1,099 price tag? lol modest
  • sliem
    Ok not for me. I could get 22-24" for under $300 why would I spend $1000 for 3 more inches?
  • fooldog01
    sliemOk not for me. I could get 22-24" for under $300 why would I spend $1000 for 3 more inches?
    While I agree, I do not think we are the target market. That would explain why the pricing seems ridiculous to us.
  • wintermint
    sliemOk not for me. I could get 22-24" for under $300 why would I spend $1000 for 3 more inches?
    The size of the monitor is not the only factor that affects the price tag... have you forgot that the resolution is 2560x1440?
  • shmidlab
    You can get a 28" monitor for $300 today.
  • bydesign
    So who is the target market, thats not good for anyone and really pricey.
  • figgus
    You guys could also buy a 30' diagonal monitor for $30. Of course, it's resolution is 1x1 with 1 bit color depth... It's called a floodlight.

    Seriously, resolution makes a huge difference and if you don't understand that then you shouldn't get that monitor. Personally, I have a 30" monitor at 2560x1600 and the resolution is amazing... I wouldn't trade it for a 42" HDTV at close range.
  • grieve
    sliemwhy would I spend $1000 for 3 more inches?most men would spend a lot more then $1000 for 3 more inches :)