Inno3D & CoolIT Team Up @ CES 2011

CoolIT Systems sent over a brief email announcing its partnership with Inno3D at CES 2011 this week. One of the products to be shown at the event will be Inno3D's iChill GTX 580, which uses one of CoolIT's liquid cooling solutions.

Inno3D is combining its GTX 580 Black Series graphics card-- the iChill GTX 580-- with CoolIT Systems' OMNI ALC liquid GPU cooler. This means that the entire factory-sealed liquid loop will already be integrated on the card right out of the box, eliminating the need to disassemble the stock cooling solution or deal with any plumbing.

"Inno3D is known for bringing the best available technologies to market and we love innovations that allow us to optimize board performance and acoustics," said Derek Ng, Marketing Manager of Inno3D. Working with CoolIT on our iChill GTX 580 Black Series has allowed us to create the perfect combination of raw performance, silence and ease iof use. When you pair the fastest CPU in the world with the best possible thermal solution, the results are simply outstanding."

CoolIT promotes the OMNI ALC liquid GPU cooler as an industry first, as its overall design takes a universal approach by allowing the user to upgrade graphics cards without the need for upgrading the cooling solution in the process.

"No longer do we need to purchase an entirely new cooling solution for each generation of video card, only the video card specific interposer plate must be changed," said CoolIT. "By ensuring that the liquid loop becomes a part of the cooling system that survives beyond one generation of VGA technology, the long term costs of owning liquid cooled graphics are dramatically reduced."

CoolIT and Inno3D will be showcasing the new GTX 580 card at the Trump Tower located right beside the Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Blvd. To learn more about CoolIT's OMNI ALC GPU cooling solution, check out the YouTube demo pasted below.

CoolIT Systems OMNI Advanced Liquid GPU Cooler Overview Video

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  • slabbo
    what's with all the specialized cooling methods and the GTX580's does it really get that hot?
  • g00fysmiley
    its a fermi... so yes ..

    i live my gts450's in sli but even before sli the one got hot

    the 580's have great out of the box cooling though... but its nice that they made the cooler reusable
  • scook9
    That is an interesting idea. Will be neat to see how Asetek retaliates as well.