LG LCD Display Only .23 Inches Thick

LG Display announced earlier this morning that it has successfully created the "world's thinnest" 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels, measuring only 5.9 mm (.23 inches) thick. According to the company, the LCD TVs use its edge-lit LED backlight system instead of employing the generally used Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp scheme in order to achieve the super thin size. The panels also take advantage of the company's Light Guide Sheet (LGS) technology that allows for a reduction of the Light Guide Plate by more than half the standard size; the LGP is used to change the direction of light beams within the panels.

In addition to its super-thin size, the LCD TV panels are incredibly lightweight, weighing in around 6.1kg (13.44lbs.) and 7.3kg (16.09lbs.) each, making them 50-percent lighter than other 42- and 47-inch panels using the conventional CCFL-backlighting. LG Display has also improved the overall color gamut, raising the level from the currently standard 72-percent NTSC to 80-percent. The panels also incorporate LG Display's 120 Hz technology to reduce the amount of annoying motion blur, and also provides a motion picture response time (MPRT) of 8ms.

Last but not least, both panels boast a full HD resolution of 1920x1080. The LCD panel itself is 10-bit, has a brightness level of 450 cd/ms, and provides viewing angles of 178/178. As for power consumption, the 42-inch panel uses 100 watts, and the 47-inch consumes 130 watts. Currently LG Displays has not released any information regarding to pricing and availability.

“The development of the world’s slimmest LCD TV panel demonstrates our leading edge-lit LED backlight technology that enables thinner designs in addition to our direct-lit type LED backlight assembly which delivers superior picture quality," said LG Display's CTO and Executive Vice President Chung In-Jae.

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  • afrobacon
    GutbopBut can it play Crysis?

    I laugh, but only because its one place I didn't expect to see this comment.
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  • Gutbop
    But can it play Crysis?
  • fuser
    It's great news that another manufacturer has entered the LED-backlit LCD market. I'm hoping that I can find a reasonably priced screen this holiday season.
  • dafin0
    i would be so worried about snapping the thing