Lite-On Delivers 24x DVD Writers Soon

Optical drive maker Lite-On revealed its plans to ship new internal DVD writers capable of speeds up to 24x

Monday Lite-On said that its new line of internal DVD writers will be the fastest on the market, writing at speeds up to 24X. Select drives will also feature the company's unique labeling and data erasing features, LabelTag and SmartErase. The first two models will hit retail shelves during the second half of March, while the third model (iHAS624) - the only one featuring Lite-On's LabelTag technology- will be available mid-May.

“PLDS is proud to manufacture the fastest 24X writers in the market, especially with included technologies such as LabelTag,” said Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager at PLDS. “LabelTag provides a cost-effective and flexible method for professional disc labeling, a great solution for today’s busy professional, and people on-the-go.”

According to the company, its LabelTag technology allows users to create a label ring on the data side of any standard recordable media (without the need for special media). Users are still able to add data after the making a label as well. As for SmartErase, which comes standard on all the 24X models, the bundled software provides users with a permanent solution for erasing discs with confidential data... everything is securely erased and cannot be recaptured.

Additionally, two of the three models will also feature Lite-On's LightScribe technology: the iHAP424 and the iHAS624.

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  • Anonymous
    I thought LightScribe was HP's technology... :-\
  • squatchman
    Is there media that supports write speeds that high?
  • aracheb
    we dont want faster dvd writer..
    we want cheaper blue ray writer...

    and anyway the recommended speed for writing a dvd is less than 16x if you want your dvd to be compatible with most devices..
    so why the need for more speed.?