MOGA Android Bluetooth Controller Now Available in Stores

PowerA has released the MOGA Mobile Gaming System for Android 2.3 and above, now available in more than 7,000 stores including Best Buy, Walmart, Toys'R'Us, Fred Meyer, Gamestop and a nationwide network of additional retailers. It's also now available on Amazon and the PowerA website.

This peripheral essentially adds to Android smartphones what Xperia PLAY gamers have loved and coveted for over a year now: gamepad controls. The phone snaps within the MOGA's cradle and communicates with the gadget via Bluetooth. Thus Android gamers have all the classic controls at their fingertips including dual analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, four action buttons and standardized start and select buttons. It even works on Bluetooth-enabled Android tablets, too.

While this may sound like a dream come true for Android gamers sick of thumping the touchscreen, there's a catch: games must be MOGA Enhanced, meaning developers are required to update (patch) their games in order to take advantage of the controller. That said, don't load up your current batch of Gameloft, EA, Madfinger and other games and expect them to immediately work with the controller unless they were updated prior to the controller's release.

"MOGA has attracted support from top mobile developers and publishers who want to bring console-like precision and control to their Android phone and tablet-based games," the company said. "Gameloft, Ratrod Studios, Atari, Namco Bandai, SEGA, Vector Unit, Remedy Entertainment and other acclaimed publishers have committed to developing MOGA Enhanced games."

To find these "MOGA Enhanced" games, PowerA has launched MOGA Pivot App on Google Play that serves as your one-stop-shop for all things MOGA Enhanced, similar to Nvidia's Tegra Zone. Today more than 45 games, including titles such as The Dark Knight Rises HD, N.O.V.A. 3, Sonic CD, Death Rally, Dungeon Hunter 3, and more have been MOGA Enhanced, the company said.

For more information about this new Bluetooth Android gamepad, head here. It costs $49.99 USD, and comes with free downloads of Sonic CD and Pac-Man. Below is a $&?%! demonstration of this Android gamepad you just HAVE to watch -- it's $&?%! crazy!

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    there's a nice one...
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    Funny commercial.

    These controllers have real potential, as Android gaming is taking off.
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    keep reinforcing gamers as immature profanity-spewing crazies...

    the idea of bluetooth controller is great...does it work with PC bluetooth as well?
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